Welcome to study in Kajaani

Kainuu vocational school’s and Kajaani upper secondary school’s
student health care service
Ketunpolku 1, Tieto 1 building
87100 Kajaani

Hohde Kajaani

Oral health services produced by FSHS for students’ who stydy in Kajaani or Sotkamo
Kauppakatu 23 A 4
87100 Kajaani

FSHS Kajaani
Urho Kekkonen memorial
Eino Leino statue


Kauppakatu 26, 87100 Kajaani

Rock House Kulma

Rock spirited bar/restaurant, which is located right at the center of Kajaani nightlife. We offer you great live performers, great food and drink experiences and a warm welcome to your social evenings.

Website is in Finnish.

Check out up-coming live performances here!
Erkinpoloku hiking route

Erkinpoloku route is located in Heinimäki terrain. You can Access the route from parking area, which is near Heinisuontie.

Information about the route is in Finnish.

Erkinpoloku and other routes.
Pirunvaara hiking route

Pirunvaara hiking route starts from Lohtaja and offers a route in the forsest, which ends up to a beatiful scenery for Sokajärvi.

Route information is in Finnish.

Pirunvaara and other routes.
Renfors route

Renfors route offers beautiful scenery while excersising.
The route goes around Kajaaninjoki and while youre at it you can see the Kajaani castle, different statue and the best landscape.
Renfors route is located at the citys center.

Route information is in Finnish.

Renfors route and other routes.
Pöllyvaara close hiking route

Pöllyvaara is a close hiking route in Teppana, about 1 kilometer from the city center. From Pöllyvaara parking area its easy to go for the hiking route, which ends up to Lukkarinnurme.

Hiking route information is in Finnish.

Pöllyvaara and other routes.
Vimpelinvaara DiscGolfPark

Vimpelinvaara Discgolf.

Course information is in Finnish.

More information and course map.
Kätönlahti School DiscGolfPark

Kätönlahti Discgolf

Course information is in Finnish.

More information and course map.
Kajaani castle
Nakertaja-Hetteenmäki sports area

Area includes multi-purpose arena, multipurpose rink, discgolf course, rope course and play ground area.

Kuurna-Kätönlahti sports area

Area includes parkous, frisbeegolf, athletics, ball games in multipurpose rink. Area also has a playground

Soidinsuo sports area

Area includes multi-purpose arena, street basketball court, football field playground area.

Hauhola sport area

Area includes multi-purpose arena, street basketball court, football field, playground area.

Lohtaja sport area

Area includes multi-purpose arena, skate area, street basketball court, football field, playground areas, adventure area and practice area for skiing.

Kaupunginlampi multi-purpose field

Skate part, outdoor gym and tennis court.

Paltaniemi beach
Kajaani beaches.
Kesäniemi beach
TE services

Kalliokatu 4
87100 Kajaani

Information about TE services.
Kainuu vocational school
Kajaani senior high school

From Kajaanihall you can find gym, courts, athletics facilities, gymnastic facilities and musical excersice facilities.

You can ask more information from Kajaanihalli staff.

Ratakatu 2
87100 Kajaani

Tep­pa­na Den­tal Cli­nic

Eliak­sen­tie 1
87200 Ka­jaa­ni

Dental clinics
FSHS Kajaani

General and mental health services
Kirkkokatu 15
87100 Kajaani

FSHS Kajaani
Kajaani library

Seminaarinkatu 15

Railway and bus station
Tax office

Lönnrotinkatu 2 C, Kajaani

Kajaanin tax office.
Police station

Lönnrotinkatu 2a, PL 69, 87101 Kajaani

Kajaani Police station
Kajaani sports field

Kajaani sports field includes football field and baseball field.

In the winter sports field is the largest public ice skating area.

Vimpelinlaakso sports field

In the vicinity of Vimpelinlaakso sports field, you can find ice hockey hall, a small ski slope, discgolf course. Also you can find tennis hall and ball hall.

In the Vimpelinlaakso sports field, you can try different sports and you can borrow sport equipment at the field.

In the summer Vimpelinlaakso offers varied terrain for the joggers and nearby the sports field are four asphalt tennis courts.

In the winter Vimpelinlaakso offers varied terrain for skiers and nearby the sports field there are two outdoor rink for ice skating and ice hockey.


Kauppakatu 10-12, 87100 KAJAANI

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK)

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) is a proactive, genuinely international university in central Finland with a very strong reputation regionally and nationally. We are a vibrant international learning and development community, consisting of approximately 2000 students and 230 experts, operating in our own compact campus area nestled within Kajaani’s stunning natural surroundings. We offer a selection of degrees that are widely respected by the working community, including Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees delivered in English.

More information about KAMK and its degrees.
Kainuu Central Hospital

Con­tact de­tails:
Kai­nuu Cent­ral Hos­pi­tal
Sot­ka­mon­tie 13
87300 Ka­jaa­ni

tel: +358 8 61561

More about Kainuu central hospital.
Lehtikangas disc golf

Lehtikangas Discgolf

Course information is in Finnish.

More information and course map.

Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, provides social security coverage for Finnish residents and many Finns living abroad through the different stages of their lives. Among the social security benefits offered by Kela are family benefits, health insurance, rehabilitation, basic unemployment security, basic social assistance, housing benefits, financial aid for students, disability benefits and basic pensions.

Address: Pohjolankatu 28, 87100 Kajaani


Small-big town

Many well-known Finnish people began their journey and career from Kajaani. Apart from the compact size of the town, finding wide range of opportunities for studying and working is possible. The key factors of Kajaani are the vicinity of nature, places for hobbies and cultural places of interest.

Getting around Kajaani is probably easiest by a bicycle because the distances here are short and most everyday services are easily accessible. Many places can be reached by foot, as well!

Opiskelijan Kajaani website aims to make students’ everyday life easier in Kajaani. The information from the website familiarizes you with Kajaani and more easily approachable for new and current students. Every page includes a map, which shows you the locations of the most important places in Kajaani.