Regardless of the small size, Kajaani has everything you need for your everyday life and even a little bit more on top of that. From the many services in the city, there is a possibility for student discount!

In Finland the emergency number is 112. From there you will get police, ambulance and fire department. Emergency Center recommends to download 112 -app. You can call from the app and then Emergency Center gets your direct location, if you can’t tell it straight away.

Mainly grocery stores are open until 10pm every day, but there is also few exceptions. For example on public holidays and Sundays most of the stores have different opening hours. Stores will inform about the exceptions. Nearest grocery stores from campus area are Lidl, K-Market Louhikatu and Tokmanni on Kasarminkatu. There is also two bigger stores in center area, K-Citymarket on Pohjolankatu and Prisma on Veturitie. There is also pharmacies in Prisma, on Kauppakatu and little bit further away on Soidinkatu.

Please note that for example alcohol is allowed to sell by stores only between 9am and 9pm!

Neljä opiskelijaa tekemässä ryhmätyötä ringissä.

Information about Kajaani
Opening hours in K-Markets and K-Citymarket (pages only in Finnish: you can search stores for example by name of the city: write “Kajaani” to the box, where reads “Hae nimellä tai paikkakunnalla”. The results show stores and their opening hours from the day when you are searching)
Opening hours in stores of S-group (page only in Finnish: you will find from this page opening hours from the day when you are searching)

Hohde Kajaani

Oral health services produced by FSHS for students’ who stydy in Kajaani or Sotkamo
Kauppakatu 23 A 4
87100 Kajaani

FSHS Kajaani
Club 96

Club 96

Kauppakatu 26, 87100 Kajaani

Rock House Kulma

Rock spirited bar/restaurant, which is located right at the center of Kajaani nightlife. We offer you great live performers, great food and drink experiences and a warm welcome to your social evenings.

Website is in Finnish.

Check out up-coming live performances here!
TE services

Kalliokatu 4
87100 Kajaani

Information about TE services.
Tep­pa­na Den­tal Cli­nic

Eliak­sen­tie 1
87200 Ka­jaa­ni

Dental clinics
FSHS Kajaani

General and mental health services
Satamakatu 2A
87100 Kajaani

FSHS Kajaani
Kajaani library

Seminaarinkatu 15

Tax office

Lönnrotinkatu 2 C, Kajaani

Kajaanin tax office.
Police station

Lönnrotinkatu 2a, PL 69, 87101 Kajaani

Kajaani Police station

Kauppakatu 10-12, 87100 KAJAANI

Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, provides social security coverage for Finnish residents and many Finns living abroad through the different stages of their lives. Among the social security benefits offered by Kela are family benefits, health insurance, rehabilitation, basic unemployment security, basic social assistance, housing benefits, financial aid for students, disability benefits and basic pensions.

Address: Pohjolankatu 28, 87100 Kajaani