Hobbies in Kajaani

Kajaani is a paradise for an active person! Kajaani’s versatile indoor and outdoor exercise places, numerous hobby club’s and makes it possible to have a hobby around the year. Vuokatti is about 30 kilometers from Kajaani and there will go few buses. In Vuokatti you have opportunity to downhill ski at Vuokatti Slopes, ski and do many other things.

Kajaani is also known from its culture. Here the culture opportunities are numerous. It’s a short walk between the library, museums, theater and Congress- and culture center Kaukametsä which also has broad selection of study courses to choose from.

You can also enjoy live music from the local bands and famous national artist’s in concerts. Kajaani also has a movie theater.

Neljä opiskelijaa tekemässä ryhmätyötä ringissä.

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Erkinpoloku hiking route

Erkinpoloku route is located in Heinimäki terrain. You can Access the route from parking area, which is near Heinisuontie.

Information about the route is in Finnish.

Erkinpoloku and other routes.
Pirunvaara hiking route

Pirunvaara hiking route starts from Lohtaja and offers a route in the forsest, which ends up to a beatiful scenery for Sokajärvi.

Route information is in Finnish.

Pirunvaara and other routes.
Renfors route

Renfors route offers beautiful scenery while excersising.
The route goes around Kajaaninjoki and while youre at it you can see the Kajaani castle, different statue and the best landscape.
Renfors route is located at the citys center.

Route information is in Finnish.

Renfors route and other routes.
Pöllyvaara close hiking route

Pöllyvaara is a close hiking route in Teppana, about 1 kilometer from the city center. From Pöllyvaara parking area its easy to go for the hiking route, which ends up to Lukkarinnurme.

Hiking route information is in Finnish.

Pöllyvaara and other routes.
Vimpelinvaara DiscGolfPark

Vimpelinvaara Discgolf.

Course information is in Finnish.

More information and course map.
Kätönlahti School DiscGolfPark

Kätönlahti Discgolf

Course information is in Finnish.

More information and course map.
Kaupunginlampi multi-purpose field

Skate part, outdoor gym and tennis court.


From Kajaanihall you can find gym, courts, athletics facilities, gymnastic facilities and musical excersice facilities.

You can ask more information from Kajaanihalli staff.

Ratakatu 2
87100 Kajaani

Kajaani sports field

Kajaani sports field includes football field and baseball field.

In the winter sports field is the largest public ice skating area.

Vimpelinlaakso sports field

In the vicinity of Vimpelinlaakso sports field, you can find ice hockey hall, a small ski slope, discgolf course. Also you can find tennis hall and ball hall.

In the Vimpelinlaakso sports field, you can try different sports and you can borrow sport equipment at the field.

In the summer Vimpelinlaakso offers varied terrain for the joggers and nearby the sports field are four asphalt tennis courts.

In the winter Vimpelinlaakso offers varied terrain for skiers and nearby the sports field there are two outdoor rink for ice skating and ice hockey.

Lehtikangas disc golf

Lehtikangas Discgolf

Course information is in Finnish.

More information and course map.